January 8, 2014


How to Make a Fortune in Vegas ...Without Gambling!

via PlanetHollywoodResort.com
via PlanetHollywoodResort.com

For big name artists, a residency in Las Vegas can mean big crowds and big bucks. And according to Billboard's Tye Comer, it's easy to see how the math breaks down. "You save so much by not having to build and tear down a set every night," Comer says. "You don't have to pay for a crew to travel from city to city, [so] you cut down on hotel costs."

In 2003, Celine Dion received one of the biggest payouts of all time for a recording artist. Entertainment Journalist Chuck Taylor says, "They built a $95 million Colosseum at Caesars Palace for her, and she sold out hundreds of shows, had people coming from 138 countries and ultimately brought in $400 million over the course of four years."

Britney Spears' two-year, 100-show residency kicked off on December 27, 2013 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Britney: Piece of Me will reportedly earn the pop princess an estimated $310,000 per show, and Taylor isn't surprised by the payday. "Of course any resort is going to claw for a chance to get Britney Spears for a couple years."

Pollstar estimates that in 2013, Dion grossed $33.1 million for her Vegas act. Shania Twain's residency grossed $22.5 million, Elton John earned $17 million and Rod Stewart earned $11.8 million.

As Taylor points out, "People actually go to Vegas now because they're going to see an artist." And from Boyz II Men, Mötley Crüe, Santana, and countless DJs, there has been a residency for every type of music fan in Sin City.  "Vegas definitely draws a young crowd who like to go out and party, and you see a lot of DJs that are doing some residencies at some of the big clubs there," says Comer. "Now that Britney has done it, maybe Miley, maybe Gaga, you never know."

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—Article by Alan Noah