January 29, 2014


Christian Music Nominee Natalie Grant Left GRAMMYs Early

Jeff Vespa/WireImage
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Christian singer Natalie Grant was offended by something at the 2014 GRAMMYs, so much so that she left the ceremony before it was over.

Grant was nominated for two GRAMMYs this year, Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance and Best Contemporary Christian Music Song. (She was also nominated in the former category in 2012.) The "Held" singer didn't take home either GRAMMY, and she didn't stick around to see who won most of the night's other categories.

"We left the GRAMMYs early," she wrote on her Facebook page. "I've many thoughts about the show tonight, most of which are probably better left inside my head. But I'll say this: I've never been more honored to sing about Jesus and for Jesus. And I've never been more sure of the path I've chosen."

Perhaps it was Beyonce's sexy opening number that made her uncomfortable? Or Katy Perry's witchy take on pole dancing? Or the 33 marriages (some of them same-sex) officiated by Queen Latifah during Macklemore's performance of "Same Love"

But Natalie's not copping to what sent her over the edge. After thousands of fans asked the singer which performance irked her the most, Natalie clarified, "I NEVER said I left during any particular performance. I only said I left early. I never pointed out any one particular performance, I only said I had many thoughts about the entire show, which were best left inside my head and that is where they will stay.

"I've judged no one. I hate no one. And I believe that every person has been created in the image of God... I was honored to be nominated for 2 GRAMMY awards... I'm so grateful that the GRAMMYs continue to recognize the contribution that gospel and Christian music make to the world. And I'm so thrilled for those who won in my categories. And I can say that with all sincerity."

Wait... maybe it was Yoko's dancing?