January 27, 2014


Foxes First Heard About Her GRAMMY Nomination on Twitter!

The English singer/songwriter Foxes ( real name Louisa Allen) – wrapped up a whirlwind 2013 with a Grammy nomination for her vocals on Zedd's smash single "Clarity."

On the GRAMMY red carpet for the first time, she talks to Fuse's Jack Obsourne about her anxieties over seating placement, her chances of winning, and her feelings toward the other nominees ("I might, like, rip Calvin's dress!").

ZEDD: "Everything Calvin Harris does is amazing"

She also reveals the unexpected way she discovered her GRAMMY nomination: She woke up one morning and checked her Twitter feed to see the typical names up for awards, like Katy Perry. It wasn't until she looked at her @ mentions that she realized her own name was among the nominations, and had the priceless reaction: "What the f--k?!"

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Check out the full interview above and be sure to visit fuse.tv/grammys for more red carpet coverage of music's biggest night.