January 27, 2014


Ziggy Marley Discusses How The GRAMMYs Have Grown

Ziggy Marley nabbed a GRAMMY win before the show even started, earning his second career solo Best Reggae Album award for Ziggy Marley In Concert.

The Jamaican musician, whose legendary father shockingly went GRAMMY-less during his career, tells Fuse News anchor Jack Osbourne that he believes the award show now recognizes a wider range of genres.

"I remember rap wasn't in the main show, I remember that distinctively," Marley explains, noting that the genre only recently began receiving more appreciation. "As we progress, the GRAMMYs are progressing also."

He also reveals that he loves witnessing everyone come together "as a community of musicians and artists," even if it's just for one evening. "I think it's cool that we can get together in one place because usually we don't; everybody's on their own little thing, you know? Coming together is good, and adding music to that makes it even better."

Check out the full interview above, and make sure to visit Fuse.tv/Grammys for more red carpet coverage.