January 14, 2014


How Prince Landed a Guest Spot on 'New Girl'

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

Imagine it: Every Tuesday night Prince gets cozy on his couch, turns on New Girl and watches a half hour of Zooey Deschanel's adorably awkward antics with her trio of loony, but lovable roommates. Tough, right? An exec for the sitcom has revealed the music icon as a colossal fan of the sitcom whose fan boy dreams came true after the show filmed an episode with him. Here's how it went down, according to New Girl exec producer Brett Baer. 

"He contacted us last season because he's a huge fan," the TV exec told E!. "Prince knows everything about the show. He contacted Zooey and [New Girl co-star] Hannah [Simone] directly and asked to do the show. We couldn't work it out last year. But when the Super Bowl thing was floated, it was perfect timing."

That "Super Bowl thing" being New Girl's highly coveted time slot after TV's most-watched sporting event—last year's attracted 108 million viewers. Adding the super-eager-to-appear Prince for a special episode might snag even more viewers! Only the best for his Royal Badness.

If you tune in, look out for the "Fixurlifeup" singer's on-point comedic delivery: "He's got a very quiet, wry sense of humor, but he kills," added executive producer Dave Finkel. "He's genuinely funny. You forget that he's done a bunch of movies. He's directed a bunch of movies. He understands the medium. His whole thing was making sure that he was supporting Zooey and supporting [New Girl star] Jake [Johnson]. It was incredible."

Look out for the Prince-ified New Girl on February 2.