January 5, 2014


The 7 Best Responses from Ice Cube's Hysterical AMA

Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic
Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

For a rapper whose most famous songs include "F-ck the Police," "Natural Born Killaz" and "Dead Homiez," it never ceases to amaze that Ice Cube is really freaking funny.

Case in point: when Cube held an Ask Me Anything on Reddit with actual comedian Kevin Hart, Ice totally schooled his Ride Along co-star in funny.

Here are our favorite Ice Cube-isms from yesterday's session:

1. What would the rap-actor be doing if he wasn't in the entertainment industry?

-"Trying to get into the entertainment industry."

2. When did he realize he was actually famous?

-"When my mom asked for an autograph for her friends, I knew I was famous. Still feels good."

3. What's the weirdest rumor he's heard about himself?

-"That I was dead! Totally untrue. I can prove it."

4. Would he rather fight an ostrich or a man on his feet?

-"I [sic] rather fight an ostrich. I've had several run-ins with a few ostriches back in the day, kicked their ass."

5. (And our personal favorite!) Does the Boyz n the Hood star feel like a cannibal when he imbibes beverages containing ice cubes?


Of course, it wasn't all side-splitting trivialities. There were some serious answers that made us put our "why, how interesting" hats on.

For instance, he doesn't feel that acting hurt his rep as a serious rapper in any way. He explained:

"Only an insecure person would worry about their reputation as a rapper. I do what I feel when I feel it. My rep is cemented."

To his rapping credit, he did embark on a hefty tour last summer with Public Enemy, LL Cool J and De La Soul in addition to working on Ride Along. 

He was also totally willing to joke with us about the irony of playing a cop in 21 Jump Street.

But despite appearing remarkably self-actualized, he does have one regret:

"Not being able to work with Dr. Dre as much on music."

If only the Doctor could step away from that headphone money

But while we may never see Dre's elusive last album Detox, we will get new work by Ice Cube: Everythang's Corrupt (his first studio effort since 2010's I Am the West) is set to drop May 13.