January 13, 2014


Juicy J Awards $50K "Twerking Scholarship" to Non-Twerker

Because the world is full of contradictions, the winner of Juicy J's twerking scholarship has been announced, and she twerked for exactly zero seconds to get it. Let me explain.

Juicy J organized a "twerking scholarship" on Twitter last summer. "I'm giving out a 50k scholarship to the best chick that can twerk," he tweeted. Most contestants immediately took the bait.

But not 19-year-old Zaire Holmes, the winner of Juicy J's $50,000 scholarship. She actually read the rules, which only required contestants to make a video "telling or showing" Juicy J why they deserved the scholarship. Always read the fine print! 

Holmes, a full-time college student and single mom, made a simple video about her wholesome plans for the money—med school. She had friends and professors make cameos as well. "I deserve this scholarship because I strive for excellence," she said

"Fifty-thousand is a lot of money," the "Dark Horse" rapper says about Holmes' winning tape in the announcement video below. "And I just don't wanna waste it on some chick twerking her ass!" So we're pretty sure that mean's Juicy J's sitting on a lot of leftover footage of random women twerking, specifically for him. Whatever will he do with it?

Check out Holmes' winning "twerking scholarship" video submission below.