January 3, 2014


Kim-Free Pixies Release Surprise 'EP-2'

Finally, the reunited Pixies have released a brand-new EP without Kim Deal… is a statement uttered by no one.

But regardless, the Kim-free Pixies have unleashed a four-song EP—bluntly titled EP-2—into the world, and you can listen to one of the tracks, "Blue Eyed Hexe," above. It's a cowbell-clanking, fuzzy stomper that will prove to be the perfect soundtrack to getting a second beer the next time you see the Pixies in concert.

EP-2 is a follow-up to last September's EP, which was released when now-fired bassist Kim Shattuck was playing with the band. Curiously, that EP didn't include Shattuck's singing or playing, and similarly, EP-2 doesn't include the contributions of their current bassist, A Perfect Circle's Paz Lenchantin.

You can buy the EP on their website, and if you have some holiday cash to burn, you can buy the 4-song EP and a fancy Pixies hoodie for $45 dollars.