January 26, 2014


Lorde Compares "Royals" to Macklemore's "Thrift Shop"

Steve Jennings/Getty Images
Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Tonight's a very big night for New Zealand wunderkind Lorde, but it seems she has other Grammy nominees on the brain: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

In an interview with Yahoo! Music, the curly-haired crooner gushed about the similarities between her breakout hit "Royals" and the hip hop Seattleites' "Thrift Shop."

Lorde believes the likeness in theme—both tunes touch on monetary and class issues, albeit in their own (very) different ways—made both songs appealing.

"I think maybe people gravitated towards those songs because maybe that's what people wanted to hear and found refreshing," she said.

"It was a crazy thing; it did feel like those two songs were kind of kin to each other."

But one thing the two 2013 buzz acts don't share is a nomination for Best New Artist.

Despite being only 16 and enduring a meteoric rise to fame this past year, the outspoken singer was snubbed in the category.

Of course, she was nominated in a few other kind-of-a-very-big-deal categories. So we doubt she shed too many tears.

Also, Macklemore should extend thanks (or send a dozen roses a la Taylor Swift) Lorde's way for the compliment.

Right now he should just be thrilled he didn't get the David Guetta treatment.