January 30, 2014


New York City Board Votes 24-1 Against Beastie Boys Square

Ebet Roberts/Getty Images
Ebet Roberts/Getty Images

UPDATE: For reasons we can't begin to comprehend, a Manhattan community board voted overwhelmingly against renaming the intersection featured on the cover of Paul's Boutique (one of rap's all-time classic LPs) "Beastie Boys Square" in their honor. 

Shockingly, the board voted 24-1 against the proposal and passed a motion preventing the man who was petitioning for Beastie Boys Square from re-applying until five years from now. Clearly, these people aren't hip hop fans. 

Original Story from 1/13/14: New York City is considering co-naming a famous intersection in Manhattan "Beastie Boys Square."

Longtime Beastie Boys fan LeRoy McCarthy started an online petition in an effort to honor the New York natives. He's calling for the corner of Ludlow and Rivington Streets, the Lower East Side intersection featured on the cover of the Boys' sophomore album Paul's Boutique, to be co-named "Beastie Boys Square." And it might actually happen.

Manhattan's Community Board 3 meeting, which convenes this week, is the first step in the process to make the change official. The change will also require City Council approval.

"Beastie Boys have always been a favorite of mine and I wanted to honor them," McCarthy told the New York Post. "[The City Council] are knowledgeable of hip-hop, a lot of them were raised on hip-hop... so you don’t have to explain to them who Biggie Smalls was. They don't necessarily have the preconceived negative approach to all hip-hop."

Recently, a small park in Brooklyn paid tribute to late Beastie Boys member MCA with a new name: Adam Yauch Park