January 22, 2014


Pete Wentz Talks Former Penis Piercing: "I Was Young & Dumb"

Harry Woods/FilmMagic
Harry Woods/FilmMagic

Here's an image to wake up your mind this Wednesday morning: Pete Wentz's pierced penis. 

According to E!, the Fall Out Boy bassist admitted to once having a Prince Albert during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. The Bravo talk show opened up their lines to callers keen to know the intimate details of his rock star life. When asked if he ever had a piercing below the waist, the Illinois native admitted, "I've had basically everything pierced in my entire life." For better or worse, host Andy Cohen pushed for more—"So, you had your dick pierced?"—and Wentz conceded.

"I did. I was young and dumb and full of wisdom," he said. "It's not pierced anymore."

Those of us who were updating our MySpace page when Fall Out Boy first hit the scene might remember that snaps of Wentz's junk leaked onto the Internet in 2006. The pics didn't appear to show any piercings, so it's likely the penis punctures came pre-FOB fame.

In other news, it was recently revealed that Fall Out Boy, Paramore and Pete Wentz's un-pierced penis will be going on a joint tour together kicking off in June. Find out all the tour dates here