January 23, 2014


Sky Ferreira Hires the Manager Lady Gaga Fired

Gus Stewart/WireImage
Gus Stewart/WireImage

Three days before ARTPOP was unleashed upon the world, Lady Gaga parted ways with her longtime manager Troy Carter after seven years. Now, less than three months later, Carter has found a new singer whose nascent fame he can begin nurturing into international stardom: Sky Ferreira

When Carter and Gaga began working together, Gaga was a complete unknown who had just been dropped by Def Jam. Three years later—with at least some thanks to his drive and work ethic—she was one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

It's not difficult to imagine Carter having a similar effect on Ferreria's career. Like Gaga, Ferreria is a talented singer-songwriter with a gift for a pop hook. And like Gaga, Ferreira sings pop but presents herself as an unfiltered, uninhibited artist. In other words, they both mix the appeal of raw artistic id with the recorded reality of slick studio production.

But unlike Gaga, Ferreria's tastes run a tad more underground. While Mother Monster nabbed Jeff Koons—the richest living artist on earth—for her glossy ARTPOP cover, Ferreira had controversial indie filmmaker Gaspar Noe shoot her arty, NSFW Night Time, My Time cover photo.

It'll be interesting to see where Ferreria's career goes in 2014 with Carter's help.