February 19, 2014


Exclusive: American Authors' "Trouble" Premiere

Andrew Zaeh
Andrew Zaeh

There's a lot of music on TV, and we wouldn't hold it against you if most of it didn't stick with you. But we're sure you know American Authors from big-time syncs. The Brooklyn quartet's uplifting anthem "Best Day of My Life" has featured in...take a deep breath...Lowe's heartwarming Super Bowl commercial, a trailer for Vince Vaughn's Delivery Man, a MLB Fan Cave promo and it's the opening sequence for ESPN's World Series of Poker. Which is why Fuse is super excited to premiere a new American Authors track, "Trouble." And good news, fans: It sounds like another ubiquitous smash.

"Trouble" begins with a subtle, acoustic opening—focused on lead singer Zac Barnett's vocals—before shifting to an upbeat, banjo-led workout with a shout-along chorus. One of the catchiest parts about "Best Day of My Life" were the infectious "oohs" on the intro and hook, and this new track's chorus utilizes them just as effectively to ensure it's stuck in your head after just one listen. 

With Mumford & Sons currently on hiatus, look no further than American Authors for your banjo-rock fix. "Trouble" is lifted off American Authors' forthcoming debut album Oh, What a Life, dropping March 4.