February 10, 2014


Blondie Rejects Sochi Concert Over Russia's "Human Rights" Issues

Don't call Blondie, Sochi. The veteran New Wave act publicly revealed they rejected an offer to play at the 2014 Winter Olympic city's annual Red Rocks Festival, citing they will "pass for human rights."

According to the letter Blondie uploaded to Twitter, Debbie Harry & Co. would have play a 45-minute set at the 25,000-capacity venue where Olympic medals are awarded nightly. Further details have been defaced by a huge scribbling, reading "PASS: HUMAN RIGHTS." Blondie posted the letter on Facebook and asked fans to "Share if you agree," earning more than 1,700 shares so far.

Russia's anti-gay laws have been a major focus at the games where several gay-rights activists were arrested on opening day.

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Scissor Sisters—who have more than one openly-gay member—had previously headlined Red Rocks Festival, but that was before the country's harsh "gay propaganda" laws were in effect.

So, what kind of gigs do the New Wave pioneers accept nowadays? The veteran rockers played at Out Magazine's annual OUT 100 party last fall and performed at Amnesty International's concert for human rights last week. Blondie recently sat down with Fuse to talk about the band's 40th anniversary and the state of pop music today.

Join Blondie in the protest over Russia's anti-gay laws with this pro-LGBT soundtrack.