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2014 BRIT Awards

Who Will Win at the BRIT Awards? Fuse Staff Predictions

Fuse's staffers predict who will (and who should) take home statues at the BRIT Awards 2014, airing exclusively on Fuse tonight at 8:45/7:45C

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Meet the Experts

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UPDATE: How well did our experts predict? Catch an encore of the BRIT Awards 2014 on Sunday, Feb. 23 at 8/7C.

The GRAMMYs have come and gone, and now it's time for the UK to have its say about who's who in music. For the third year in a row, Fuse is the exclusive U.S. broadcaster of the BRIT Awards 2014, airing tonight at 8:45/7:45C. The question now is, who's going to win?

We asked our resident music experts what they thought and they sure had a lot to say. Meet the Fuse staff making our predictions for BRIT Award winners:

John Norris, Supervising Producer for Fuse News

Georgie Okell, Host of Fuse News (and a Brit herself!)

Jeff Benjamin, Staff Writer for Fuse.tv

Samantha Vincenty, Social Media Editor over at @fusetv

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British Breakthrough Act

» Bastille
» Disclosure
» Laura Mvula
» London Grammar
» Tom Odell

John Norris, Fuse News Supervising Producer:
First of all, a little self-congratulation: All five of these nominees were featured at least once on Fuse News in 2013. While the soulful, sublime Mvula would be my personal choice, she's probably the long shot here. Likewise London Grammar made an irresistible impact, but one that was maybe too understated to take the prize. Odell is an undeniable talent, but feels like a 2012 story. So it comes down to two bands that made splashy, much-written about debuts. Bastille would be the more commercial, rockier pick, but you have to believe that the award goes to the brothers Lawrence, Disclosure, whose Settle was a game-changer, a remarkable feat of eminently listenable UK garage, pop and house that not only cemented Disclosure place as one of the most thrilling new bands around, but also goosed the stature of other young talents like Sam Smith, AlunaGeorge and Jamie Woon.

Georgie Okell, Fuse News Host:
I'd like this one to go to London Grammar for their truly unique and captivating sound. Their debut album last year was a thing of epic beauty, but with Disclosure leading the nominations at the BRITs this year, this is going to be a tough category to win. Still, London Grammar gets my vote.

Jeff Benjamin, Fuse.tv Staff Writer:
This one's tough because Bastille and Disclosure both landed the most nominations of the night. It will certainly go to one of them, but I'm leaning more towards Disclosure. Two brothers who make throwback-inspired dance music? It sounds like they'd be the least likely to breakthrough and should be awarded as such.

Samantha Vincenty, @fusetv Social Media Editor:
London Grammar is the winner in my book, both for their gorgeous debut If You Wait and their standout guest spot on Disclosure's “Help Me Lose My Mind.” Bastille played Saturday Night Live and Disclosure’s Settle made everyone’s top 10 lists last year, so they’re certainly the biggest “breakthrough” success stories. But singer-songwriter dudes took the category in 2012 and 2013, so my safe prediction is last year's BRITs Critics' Choice winner Tom Odell.

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British Female Solo Artist

» Birdy
» Ellie Goulding
» Jessie J
» Laura Marling
» Laura Mvula

Jeff Benjamin, Fuse.tv Staff Writer:
Ellie is the only female on this list to have a UK No. 1 hit this year, shockingly her first in her native Britain. Critic darling Laura Marling won this award in 2011 and might pull out another win, but Goulding's been on fire lately.

Samantha Vincenty, @fusetv Social Media Editor:
I bet Ellie Goulding will win, although she's lost a BRIT to folk singer Laura Marling before and Marling's Once I Was an Eagle is excellent. I wouldn't count Laura Mvula out either, but Ellie is definitely the frontrunner.

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British Male Solo Artist

» David Bowie
» Jake Bugg
» James Blake
» John Newman
» Tom Odell

John Norris, Fuse News Supervising Producer:
The UK pop market has long been even more famously ageist than the that of the US. Artists north of 30 are generally relegated to Radio 2, and those magazine covers are harder to come by when you're not the hot young thing. Unless that is, you are a legend with an near-peerless status, like David Bowie. His long-awaited return in 2013 with The Next Day was often downbeat, reflective, even melancholy—and absolutely beautiful. One of the great disappointments of last year was that the Duke never toured with the album. So yeah, in a category with four nominees are aged 19, 23, 23 and 25—the BRIT will go to a 67-year-old, who has nothing left to prove, but still has something to say.

Georgie Okell, Fuse News Host:
I've a feeling this one is going to Mercury Prize-winning James Blake, who for some reason doesn't appear in the Best Album category, even though he probably should. He has been nominated for Best British Male previously in 2012, fingers crossed this is his year.

Jeff Benjamin, Fuse.tv Staff Writer:
If the BRITs want to honor legacy, they'll go Bowie. If they want to try to lay the groundwork to name a future vocal force of nature, they'll pick Newman who will always have bragging rights that he beat Bowie for British Male Solo. But after a GRAMMY nomination for Best New Artist, Blake shouldn't be shut out of the competition either.

Samantha Vincenty, @fusetv Social Media Editor:
If David Bowie doesn’t win I’ll be very surprised, and if James Blake wins I’ll be happy.

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British Group

» Arctic Monkeys
» Bastille
» Disclosure
» One Direction
» Rudimental

John Norris, Fuse News Supervising Producer:
Even with their recent, unexpected surge in the States, most Americans probably still don't get just how massive the Arctic Monkeys are back home. Last year they headlined Glastonbury, the granddaddy of UK festivals, they’ve won five BRITs, been nominated three times for the prestigious Mercury Prize, and are increasingly mentioned alongside Oasis as one of the most significant British bands of the past twenty years. The sonic shift and widespread international acclaim of AM only solidified their legacy, and Alex Turner has, along the way, developed into quite the acerbic, quiffed showman. A slam dunk.

Georgie Okell, Fuse News Host:
This is such a bizarre category this year- 
Arctic Monkeys
, Bastille, 
One Direction and 
Rudimental… what??? I think Bastille will take this one home though, they're receiving a great deal of international attention and a number of nominations at this year's awards (four to be precise), while their debut album continues to go from strength to strength.

Jeff Benjamin, Fuse.tv Staff Writer:
Again, the two acts leading the pack—Bastille and Disclosure—are nominated here. It's more than likely going to go to one of them, but I'm going to say Bastille who, compared to Disclosure, have a more "traditional" (i.e. not electronic) sound that makes them a more traditional "group." But British faves Arctic Monkeys could very well pull a fast one and snag the award too.

Samantha Vincenty, @fusetv Social Media Editor:
I’d love for electronic quartet Rudimental to win. Home is so good, and bursting with rising talent like Angel Haze, Foxes and John Newman. Plus, '90s fashion and music is back, so it's time for drum & bass to recapture the electronic music throne (go home, dubstep, you’re in too many movie trailers).  Who will actually win? Arctic Monkeys, most likely.

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British Single

» Bastille - "Pompei"
» Calvin Harris - "I Need Your Love" ft. Ellie Goulding
» Disclosure - "White Noise"
» Ellie Goulding - "Burn"
» John Newman - "Love Me Again"
» Naughty Boy - "La La La" ft. Sam Smith
» Olly Murs - "Dear Darlin'"
» One Direction - "One Way or Another"
» Passenger - "Let Her Go"
» Rudimental - "Waiting All Night"

Georgie Okell, Fuse News Host:
I really, really want this to go to Rudimental for "Waiting All Night" because it is a truly phenomenal, stand out record and it totally deserves to win. I wouldn't be mad though if it went to John Newman for "Love Me Again," he deserves to take something away at the BRITs this year after all the hype he's received these last few months.

Jeff Benjamin, Fuse.tv Staff Writer:
I think this one is the most difficult to gage because there are so many choices! Naughty Boy's "La La La" (above) has a quarter of a billion views on YouTube and that's without American crossover success. The show might play it safe and go with something like John Newman's "Love Me Again" or Passenger's "Let Her Go" that is less trendy and appeals to a wider demographic. But don't forget that Sam Smith features on "La La La" and he has already been named the BRITs 2014 Critics' Choice Award champ and giving his single the award for British Single would be the ultimate way to say "we really like you."

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International Female Solo Artist

» Janelle Monáe
» Katy Perry
» Lady Gaga
» Lorde
» P!nk

Jeff Benjamin, Fuse.tv Staff Writer:
Katy and Lorde both had No. 1s on the official UK singles chart this year, but "Roar" (above) spent two weeks on top opposed to one week for "Royals." Pink's Truth About Love album sold better than Perry's Prism in England, but 2014 feels like this will be Katy's year.

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International Male Solo Artist

» Bruno Mars
» Drake
» Eminem
» John Grant
» Justin Timberlake

John Norris, Fuse News Supervising Producer:
Nothing would make me happier at this year's BRITs than to see John Grant take home an award, after his superb 2013 album Pale Green Ghosts. And again, he's precisely the sort of artist that should have received acknowledgment from the golden gramophone set. Bruno Mars had another exceptional year, and won over even non-fans at the Super Bowl, while Eminem returned to his old shady ways and proved he's still got it and then some, while Mr. Showmanship, Justin Timberlake, outsold them all, handily. But something tells me that it’s arguably the coolest choice, Drake, that will claim the prize. Maybe it's because it’s the BRITs, just call it a gut, but it feels like it will be the “Started From the Bottom” man coming out on top.

Jeff Benjamin, Fuse.tv Staff Writer:
Another category full of top talent, but I feel like Bruno Mars will take it.

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International Group

» Arcade Fire
» Daft Punk
» Kings of Leon
» Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

John Norris, Fuse News Supervising Producer:
Tough one to pick. Fist of all, credit to the BRITs for nominating the sisters HAIM, who despite a year of remarkable success and critical kudos were inexplicably shut out of any GRAMMY nominations. That said, it's hard to see them winning here, not against these heavyweights. Kings of Leon, to this day are probably still a bigger band in the UK than in their native US, didn't seem to make their usual impact with Mechanical BullDaft Punk, despite that surprise Album of the Year win at the GRAMMYs, could again be a surprise winner, as could Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who may be seen in some quarters as lightweight, but the BRITs have never seemed as concerned with rewarding “serious” acts as their American counterpart. And yet, it's precisely a more serious band, Arcade Fire, that lightened up and got rhythmic on the sprawling carnival-meets-disco ball opus Reflektor, who are the narrow favorites to take the prize in a rich category.

Jeff Benjamin, Fuse.tv Staff Writer:
While it only peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" spent four weeks atop the British singles chart. After winning Album of the Year at the GRAMMYs, Daft Punk seems like they have this one in the bag. Pharrell's even performing so he could accept the award on behalf of the robots! Arcade Fire could be a dark horse here.

Samantha Vincenty, @fusetv Social Media Editor:
After Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' controversial GRAMMYs sweep, I'm curious to see if BRITs voters are equally charmed. Daft Punk will probably win, so it's a good thing Pharrell will be in the house to assist with their acceptance speech again.

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MasterCard British Album of the Year

» Arctic Monkeys - AM
» Bastille - Bad Blood
» David Bowie - The Next Day
» Disclosure - Settle
» Rudimental - Home

John Norris, Fuse News Supervising Producer:
Seriously? Remember what I said about a slam dunk for British Group? This one is even more so. There is no way, no how, that this is going to anything other than Arctic Monkeys’ AM. Might as well hand it out now. Even if, in my estimation, Disclosure’s album was track-for-track, the more complete and unique release, and the great Bowie’s was the more artful, anything other than AM winning this top prize would be a serious upset. Not for nothing, the Monkeys also continue to represent for rock in a country whose rich music scene is almost entirely dominated by electronics, pop and soul—a fact that the band’s wit behind the kit, Matt Helders has pointed out. So let's hear it for the boys from Sheffield, five albums in, hardly staying in one musical place, and showing no signs of fading. If anything they’re only growing stronger.

Georgie Okell, Fuse News Host:
The 2013 Mercury Prize went to James Blake when everyone thought it was going to be Bowie or Disclosure, but I think this time around with a more commercial-minded panel, Disclosure has this one in the bag.

Jeff Benjamin, Fuse.tv Staff Writer:
This one's the toughest to pick through. While one may think Bastille or Disclosure would be shoe-ins given how many other times they're recognized this year, I would say they're one of the least likely to snag the award. Bowie and Arctic Monkeys will likely battle this one out: They're both British favorites and both had well-received and acclaimed records. Arctic Monkeys have more BRITs than Bowie (five versus his one) and the band has won Album of the Year in the past, but it feels like Bowie will finally get some long-awaited recognition in this prestigious category.

So, who will win at the 2014 BRIT Awards?
Find out when Fuse airs the awards tonight at 8:45/7:45C!

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