February 12, 2014


Watch Cam’ron & His Capes Hit New York Fashion Week

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images
Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

Cam'ron was nothing if not a singular force in rap. A Cam'ron song was unmistakable as such, but his most lasting legacy is arguably what he did for the culture's fashion. His pink phase, for instance, paved the way for Kanye West to chip away at rap masculinity ("Back when they thought pink polos would hurt the Roc...") and set the standard for the swagger of New York's reigning king A$AP Rocky.

Cam, who recently released a new single with A-Trak called "Humphrey," has now followed Rocky to the runway. At New York Fashion Week on Wednesday he debuted his new line of capes with designer Mark McNairy. He closed out McNairy's show by walking in one of the capes: an army green tweed and fur number with the Dipset logo printed on the back.

No other details have yet been released about the capes — all of which you can see over at Complex — including if and when they're going to be on sale. But in the meantime Cam has issued a warning for anyone doubting his latest fashion innovation: "Hate now, cape later."

Watch Cam's runway debut below.