February 20, 2014


Exclusive: Comeback Kid's New Video Is an Explosive Burst of Hardcore Punk

Comeback Kid have become nothing short of a staple in the hardcore punk community. The Winnipeg quintet–which originally began as a side project–have to be mentioned in any conversation about the best active bands in this genre. 

So Die Knowing, Comeback Kid's fifth studio album, is a pretty big deal. And Fuse has the exclusive premiere of the video for "Should Know Better," the first single from Die Knowing, above!

The video takes fans inside a small, raucous live show with Comeback Kid performing the track. It's a raw, energetic and aggressive performance to a crowd that's appropriately amped up. The live setting plays into what frontman Andrew Neufeld said in a statement about the band's new album: "The goal with Die Knowing was to really capture the best parts of our live show and put those elements into the album."

Based on the first single alone, it feels like Comeback Kid have accomplished this feat with ease. Listeners familiar with the band will note the aggressiveness of the track–Neufeld also said Die Knowing is the "biggest and heaviest-sounding Comeback Kid album to date."

Comeback Kid are on Twitter and Die Knowing, out March 5, is available for pre-order on iTunes.