February 28, 2014


Gainesville's Frameworks Are Here to be Your New Favorite Punk Band

The use of screamo as a descriptor is cringe-worthy for fans of punk and hardcore. Callously overused and misrepresented during the mid-2000s MTV-ization of the Victory Records roster, the term has mostly lost its appeal. But when you consider screamo at its core–referring to the intersection of post-hardcore and emo influences–the genre can still exist in a legitimate capacity and Frameworks are here to remind you of that.

This is evident on "Loom," the explosive title track from the Gainesville, FL-based quintet's upcoming debut LP. Stream it below. Vocalist Luke Pate doesn't utter a single damn line that you can make out unless you're staring intently at the lyrics and specifically trying to keep track of his rhythm. But he does it in such a spastic, haphazard way that there's still plenty of emotion outside of the prose. "Loom" is cathartic without being personal, and that says a lot about Frameworks' ability to utilize Pate's vocals as another instrument. 

Enlisting Deafheaven producer Jack Shirley for their album was a good move, but it might result in Deafheaven fans treating Loom as a more straightforward, compressed version of Sunbather. While there are comparisons aplenty, Frameworks bring a more accessible vibe to the tight drumming and guitar work that anchors their sound, and they're way less influenced by black metal. Pate told Fuse that Frameworks wanted a "raw, but bright-sounding album and [felt] that Shirley refined that vision." Based on what we've heard so far, we agree. 

Loom drops on April 29 via Topshelf Records and can be preordered here. This band is too punk for Twitter but they have a Facebook page.