February 3, 2014


Rudimental, Naughty Boy & More: "Faceless" UK Super Producers

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Not so long ago, the world was bemoaning the slow decline of the music video and all it had come to represent throughout our MTV-obsessed youths. However, a new wave of almost faceless British producers is changing that.  While these  artists receive worldwide acclaim for their music, they manage as individuals to remain practically invisible behind the vocalists they feature, and to an even greater extent, their music videos.

Recently I got to hang out with both Rudimental and Naughty Boy and was fascinated by the way that, regardless of their music being all over every radio station in the UK and increasingly over here right now (Naughty Boy's "La La La" featuring Sam Smith is almost inescapable), the songmakers themselves can still walk down the street with barely anybody paying them any mind.

This canon of brilliant producers seem to be taking advantage of that, and I don't just mean by going to the local supermarket in the pajamas in broad daylight. There are visual implications and freedoms that come with this facelessness, and Naughty Boy recently chose to make his entire debut album, Hotel Cabana, an "audio-visual experience," shooting several cinematic videos set around a fictional hotel, including this one for "La La La" shot in Bolivia, which to date has racked up an impressive 244 million views (whaaat?!)

Fun fact: Naughty Boy started producing music seriously after winning £44,000 on a UK television gameshow.

Rudimental's video for "Free" (featuring Emeli Sande) shows the most breathtaking wingflying stunt ever seen in the world of music and will make you feel GREAT:

Plus, check out Rudimental's new video for "Powerless" featuring Becky Hill, another example of remaining faceless in their own videos.

And now a new UK duo are taking it even further. We featured this video on Fuse News last week, but it was too good to not talk about again. London producers We Are Shining teamed up with Eliza Doolittle to record "Killing," but the video features neither of them. Instead, It features London dancer Shanelle 'Tali' Fergus, a.k.a the bravest woman on the planet.

I won't tell you anymore than that. I'll let this video speak for itself, but those of a nervous disposition should look away now. Count yourself warned.

Now, If you need some beautiful, calming electro pop to listen to after this, may I gently point you towards the blog I penned last week on emerging artists from Australia/New Zealand who are NOT Lorde (I know. Believe it or not, they exist).