February 26, 2014


Georgie Okell's 8 Reasons Grimes Should Be Your Favorite Pop Star

Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage
Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage

Last week was Fuse Loves Montreal week on Fuse News, so retrospectively I wanted to take a closer look at my personal favorite artist from the area, Grimes. I’ve been a fan of her for the past few years because she is amazing on several levels. If you don’t believe me, here are just a few reasons why Grimes should also be your favorite Montreal pop star, if not just one of your favorite pop stars on the planet:

1. She makes “Genius Pop,” my favorite genre and a name I invented to cover the plethora of exceptionally talented artists out there making interesting, credible and insanely catchy pop music. The video for “Oblivion” (below) is quickly closing in on 10 million views.

2. Grimes recently made the leap to Roc Nation, which is exactly where she belongs as a forward-thinking, high-reaching, no bullsh•t artist whose music is smart and deserves to reach a wider audience.


3. She dresses like this (right), and the first time I saw her play live she was wearing a giant yellow fluff ball that looked like a bumble bee costume, which I think was a good life choice.

4. She tattooed the elements from "The Fifth Element" (one of the greatest movies of all time) on her fingers because she loves the movie (check with an adult before you go self-tattooing your hands, kids)

5. In a DJ/producer world that is still very much dominated by men, Grimes is really doing it for the girls. Watch this incredible live performance on the UK’s Later… with Jools Holland show from 2012:

6. Her tweets are the best thing in the whole world:

7. She paved the way for other up and coming electronic singer/producers who have since been compared to her, the likes of Danish MØ – who I’ve written about before on this blog – as well as newer artists including Brooklyn-based Ducky.

8. Grimes for President.