February 11, 2014


Georgie Okell's Valentine's Day Playlist Part 1: For the Lovers

So let's just deal with this situation: It's Valentine’s Day on Friday, which means the whole painful affair is probably going to drag out for the entire weekend. Two playlists coming to you from me this week; The first is for the lovers, so you don't kill the mood after slaving over that romantic dinner for hours. The second, coming later this week, will be for those of you who refuse to have your regular weekend ruined by all the romance everywhere and still want to party like its 1999.

Here are five new tracks that are almost too sexy for Valentine's Day and should come with a warning:

1. Shy Girls "Still Not Falling"

From Portland Oregon, Shy Girls is the project of 26 year old Dan Vidmar, and I am totally obsessed with this band. Shamelessly bringing back the sax solo and making sexy '90s R&B music for the 2010s, which sounds like an impossible task, but it really works.

2. Chvrches - "Gun" (Jamie Isaac Remix)

This remix of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists by one of my favorite producers is just gorgeous.

3. Marian Hill - "Whisky"

Oof, whaaat? Marian Hill are a duo from Philidephia who site their influences as ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Drake. Over the past few months they've been bringing us these stripped back, husky, sultry little numbers that you want to listen to over and over again. This track is the one that first caught my attention last year, and it's amazing.

4. Astronomyy - "Things I'd Do For U"

A songsmith from Worcestershire in the UK, this understated solo project is perfect for staring into each other's eyes. You’re welcome.

5. Dream Koala - "Odyssey"

The project of 19 year old Parisian, the genius Yndi Ferreira produces, sings and plays all the instruments on his tracks, creating these epic pieces that you will get lost in. His debut ep Odyssey came out last year, and this beautiful, apocalyptic video for the title track is well worth watching.

BONUS TRACK: Dream Koala also recently remixed this BANKS track, and the result is insanely beautiful: