February 10, 2014


Jingle Punks: The Big Money in Canned Music

Getty Images, 3
Getty Images, 3

You hear it in the elevator, when you're waiting on hold, even as you watch your favorite TV shows (Fuse News included.)  They're called stock music library tracks, and while you may not think that much of them, writing and producing these songs is a multi-million dollar a year business.

Xzibit, Matt and Kim, and Vitamin C are just some of the artists who have made major radio hits and sold tracks to stock music libraries. 

One of the biggest contributors to these libraries is a group called Jingle Punks.  The collective is made up or artists from various genres that write music for television, competitions, commercials, and more. 

"We do music for television including Fuse," says Jingle Punks' CEO and co-founderJared Gutstadt."All of the background music on The Voice, Pawn Star. We went from 5 people to almost like 70 jingle punks.  The most rewarding thing is seeing how our team has grown like a virus. We are like musical herpes." 

By 2013, this "musical herpes" business grew by a whopping 500%.  But even after all that time and success, Gutstadt is still surprised by how ubiquitous their music has become.  "I think it's nuts for me to randomly turn to a channel on TV and hear music that I have written." 

Jingle Punks has done something that no other canned music group has done before: they formed a touring cover band to help promote their company.  The name?  Hipster Orchestra.  "We started doing covers of our favorite songs done through classical music," says Gutstadt.

The group plans to continue to tour, while also working on films and other projects.  If you think you've got what it takes to join their Hipster Orchestra, you can submit your own creations here.

- Segment produced by Rebecca Teran
- Article by Alan Noah