February 18, 2014


The Latest EDM News From Fuse's Liz Walaszczyk

Jesse Grant/WireImage
Jesse Grant/WireImage

So much to tell…where to begin!?

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending one of Skrillex's recent intimate Brooklyn shows. It was part of the Skrillex Takeover tour. Experiencing Sonny in a room of that size was definitely intense. He's the man responsible for exposing a new generation of fans to the more aggressive dub step, which is of course wildly popular these days.

He started off the week by playing some tracks from Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. There’s just such an intense energy to his music. It's pure visceral excitement. There’s nothing subtle about it.

Rumors have been flying around that Skrillex actually showed up to his Wednesday night show at SRB dawning a Deadmau5-esque helmet. The truth is that a fan showed up wearing it. During his set, after giving the fan a few shout outs, Skrillex did end up putting it on himself. But it was a total impromptu thing, definitely not a premeditated plan on the part of Sonny. Check it out.

Skrillex also decided that New York was the perfect place to debut his collaboration with Chance the Rapper. Check out the clip below.

Tiesto released his video for “Red Lights” this week. This is the first track he’s released since his new partnership with Casablanca on Republic Records. It’s a good indication as to what we can expect from his 5th full-length album, which has no firm release date yet, although we’re being told it'll drop later this year. 

Tiesto shot the entire video in Vegas over the course of his birthday weekend. Judging by the looks of things - and the looks of these ladies - it was an amazing time. Check it out.

There was a lot of buzz this week surrounding Porter Robinson's album announcement. After signing with Astralwerks in late 2013, we were told to expect his debut album - titled Worlds - sometime this year. Porter said that he plans to showcase some of his original inspirations on the album. Check out the 10 hour long teaser here. Yes, 10 HOURS.

To me, it seems more than fitting to have Porter Robinson as the soundtrack to an alien invasion. This video is crazy. It's trippy. It's totally outside the box. It's kind of like EDM meets War of the Worlds meets a Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas acid trip. Either way, this teaser is totally effective. And if I were to try and decode the message, I might think that Porter Robinson plans on taking over the music world. 

It's gonna be an interesting 2014 for this North Carolina DJ.

You don’t want to miss Avicii’s highly anticipated official video for “Addicted To You”, which  premiered earlier today. Portions of this video were shot in both Stockholm and Kiruna, Sweden. It was written and directed by Sebastian Ringler. The ladies that star in the video are both well known film actresses in Sweden. The blond is Hedda Stiernstedt, and the brunette Madeleine Martin. 

Check it out…