February 25, 2014


HAIM Bring '80s Glimmer to Beyoncé's "XO" & Drop New Video

Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" quickly became the most covered song of the year, but during a performance at BBC's Live Lounge, HAIM decided to take on B's "XO," which she performed for the first time on television last week at the BRIT Awards 2014.

HAIM's rendition is predictably nowhere near Beyoncé's sky-scraping version, which goes to superhuman heights. But the sisters do bring a bit of misty New Wave glimmer to the song: It's not better, but different. Watch it above.

They also dropped a choreography-heavy video for their fantastic song "If I Could Change Your Mind," reaching back to the TV studio sets of the late '60s for an endearing clip that straddles between sincerity and cheekiness. Check it out below.