February 26, 2014


Hot Chelle Rae Talk Bieber Tour: "We Saw Nothing Turn Into Rumors"

As a supporting act on Justin Bieber's Believe Tour, Hot Chelle Rae—most famous for their Top 10 hit "Tonight Tonight"—not only played sold-out arenas, but also saw what Bieber was really like on the road. While headlines about drugsweapons and abandoned pets overshadowed the trek, the pop-rock band say Bieber is probably less crazy than the average teenage boy.

"He's as bad as maybe half of the stuff we did when we were 19," guitarist Nash Overstreet tells Fuse, citing one important difference between Biebs and most teens: "He just has cameras around him. Everybody deserves a break, do your thing. People, stop judging so much."

HCR add that all the crazy rumors we heard about rowdy Bieber behavior on tour may have been just that. They explain: "He was really cool to us. We were on that tour and saw a bunch of stuff not go down that became rumors somehow."

Earlier this month, the trio returned with the rock-pop stomper "Don't Say Goodnight." Find out why A$AP Rocky inspired the track and how Fuse News correspondent Brandi Cyrus (Miley's big sis!) landed on the track in the interview above. Then take a listen to it below.