February 24, 2014


Justin Bieber's "Baby" Video Hits 1 Billion Views

Amid worries that his private parts may become public recordJustin Bieber can celebrate that his "Baby" music video has just hit one billion views. Vevo made the announcement this morning, citing a fan push to hit the milestone before the singer's 20th birthday on Saturday. Relive the time when the Biebs rocked that adorable hair swoop in the video above.

"Baby" made Bieber a household name back in 2010, and now it's the second video to earn more than one billion views online. This accomplishment comes more than a year after Psy's "Gangnam Style" first hit the then-unprecedented milestone in December 2012. 

While "Baby" hit a billion on Vevo, the video's view count on YouTube currently lists 994,735,684. But that hasn't stopped fans from sending #BabyHit1Billion as one of the top trending topics on Twitter worldwide.

Over the weekend, Bieber released his first new track since his arrest, "Broken." The empowering song addresses the haters who want to see him deported with lyrics like, "Someone like me is hard to find / I cannot be broken / Like I knew you were hopin'."