February 27, 2014


Watch Jailed Justin Bieber Try to Walk in a Straight Sober Line

Great news for fans of pop culture trainwrecks: Footage of Justin Bieber's sobriety test—filmed immediately after his arrest last month—is now online.

Following his January 23 arrest for an alleged DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest, Bieber was booked and taken to a Miami police station where he was asked to demonstrate his sobriety by walking in a straight line.

As you can see in the video above, Bieber didn't complete the test with flying colors. It was hardly a complete fail, but he wobbled significantly while spinning around to walk in the opposite direction.

Keep in mind that Bieber's blood test already confirmed his blood-alcohol level was below the legal limit, even for an underage driver. But Bieber also admitted to smoking marijuana that night, which could account for his inability to ace the sobriety test.

Then again, maybe the problem is just those enormous red shoes he's wearing. Seriously, when did Bieber and Ronald McDonald start sharing fashion secrets?

UPDATE: When Bieber was arrested in January for DUI, Miami Police documented all of his tattoos. Check out the photos of the troubled pop star's tats now: