February 21, 2014


Kurt Cobain's Hometown Honors Him With Weird Crying Statue

Photo: King 5 News
Photo: King 5 News

Yesterday was Kurt Cobain Day in his hometown of Aberdeen, WA, though it wasn't exactly a celebration. For one, not all residents of Aberdeen are as proud of the Nirvana frontman's legacy as others: According to KING5 news in Seattle, Aberdeen mayor Bill Simpson considers giving Cobain his own day the most controversial thing he's ever done in office.

There's also the matter of the statue, which, well, is not the kind of statue you dream of. For one, it shows Cobain weeping, a decision that makes the memorial overly somber and verges on complete melodrama. 

Also, the Cobain statue looks suspiciously like common portrayals of Jesus Christ, which might be intentional considering how revered Cobain is, but probably isn't.

Nonetheless, Simpson has high hopes for the statue: "We hope this is just as big as Graceland, eventually."

Just get Paul Simon to record an album called Aberdeen, WA and you're halfway there, guys.