February 15, 2014


Little Dragon Interrupt NYC Vaudeville Show for Surprise Set

Photo: Jerritt Clark/The Box
Photo: Jerritt Clark/The Box

In the midst of a late, late night NYC theater of varieties performance at The Box—a Manhattan venue that boasts drag, girls suspended on trapeze, fire-spitting bartenders and plenty of pasties on the regular—the genre-bending electronic outfit Little Dragon dropped in for a surprise set featuring new material from their upcoming fourth album.

Prior to their entrance, a guy wearing a giant teddy bear head and chaps was performing around 2:30am when stagehands abruptly cleared the stage. Suddenly, drenched in warm purple lighting, Little Dragon emerged.

The Manhattan socialites and local downtown regulars at the Box were dressed in black-tie attire to honor the venue's seventh anniversary, but they quickly went from dispersed clusters at VIP tables to a unified mass standing at attention as frontwoman Yukimi Nagano opened with "Ritual Union," the title track from their last album.

After greeting the crowd and introducing her band—who've crafted more than one classic collaboration with Big Boi—the night continued with "Klapp Klapp," a single from their highly-anticipated fourth album Nabuma Rubberband. The sweet electro-percussive sound of "Klapp Klapp," a single that officially dropped earlier that afternoon, was accompanied by a sole female dancer doing what looked like a modern take on the robot around Yukimi. 

Little Dragon saved another enticing glimpse of Nabuma Rubberband for the end of the night with a performance of "Killing Me," a dark track with the futuristic synth undertones. If these two songs are any indication of what we can expect from Nabuma Rubberband, it might be their best record yet.

Fuse caught up with the band after their performance at The Box and asked them about the recording process behind their upcoming fourth LP. "We recorded Nabuma Rubberband in our new studio we built ourselves," lead singer Nagano says. "It's been our bubble. It took us a minute to get settled home after all the touring. 

"It's pretty much the first time we had a proper time off just to dive into writing. And our first winter home in years. Was pretty harsh, but it worked because we could stay un-distracted and just write. We took our time and tried to challenge ourselves. It was an emotional rollercoaster but I'm so proud of the result."

Nabuma Rubberband is scheduled to drop in the U.S. on May 13. Check out the recently-released video for "Klapp Klapp" below.

Written by Jaimie Sanchez