February 6, 2014


Little Mix Moves: Saluting Their 5 Best Instavid Dances

Phillip Massey/WireImage
Phillip Massey/WireImage

Little Mix's sophomore album Salute just dropped Stateside on Tuesday, chocked full of empowering, R&B-pop treats all led by the Destiny's Child-esque single "Move." The groovin' dancefloor banger sees the girls boasting to the boys, "Hey! hey! I'm ready, hey! / Boy come and get me / Don't be scared, show me what you do / Don't you know a girl like a boy who moves!?!"

Scrolling through Little Mix's Instagram account will prove how true these lyrics are for the UK girl group. If you're one of the gals' 1.1 million followers, you know how much the LM ladies love posting vids of themselves breaking it down for the iPhone. After watching them all—we love our jobs—Fuse has selected the Top 5 dancing Instavids from our favorite British fashionistas.

5. Slo-Mo Sex Jam Grinding

Struggling to find the groove? Let Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne's body rolls serve as inspiration any time a Miguel jam starts blasting in the clubs.

4. Perrie Does the Robot, Jade Does the ...?

Click on this Instavid to see Perrie and a LM backup dancer pull off a surprisingly-impressive robot dance. Then watch Jade move in a way we can't entirely put into words.

3. Mixing Up the Flamenco

Since their 2011 formation, Little Mix have garnered an international following after breaking records in Americarecording in Korean and earning No. 1s all over Europe. But that doesn't mean they've quite mastered traditional Spanish flamenco dancing. Luckily, they still look adorable doing their best to keep up with the quick tempo.

2. Dancing With Drinks

How do you sing along to the song at the bar and still hold onto your jumbo-sized tiki drink? Take a page from the girls—celebrating the release of "Move" above—and use two hands, unless you ordered a martini. 

And if a little umbrella is on hand, incorporate it into your dancing, too.

1. Grinding on a Giant Statue of SpongeBob

Because, duh, it's SpongeBob.

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