February 26, 2014


LIZ's "Do I Like U" Is Perfectly Fresh '90s R&B Nostalgia

With her sugary mix of '90s R&B and pop, Los Angeles singer LIZ is a bit of an anomaly on Diplo's Mad Decent label. But although she stands apart from Diplo's pack of EDM artists and genre-bending singer-songwriters, LIZ is exactly the kind of artist who could become massive by riding the ongoing wave of '90s nostalgia.

Her latest track and third overall release, "Do I Like U," just might be the song to break her to a wider audience. With warm, sinuous grooves but crisp, snapping beats, "Do I Like You" is an inviting slice of retro R&B/pop. Listen to it above.

Given the throwback Tiger Beat cover art for the single (above), it's no mistake that the title is "Do I LIKE You" vs. "Do I LOVE You." Similarly, the lyrics are tailored for preteen romance: "Be patient, I won't keep you waiting forever" is a line you'd hear from "Sometimes" Britney Spears, not "Toxic" Britney. That being said, the teenybopper theme here is an affectation: This isn't music aimed at 12-year-olds, but rather twentysomethings waxing nostalgic for those days and those giddy feelings.