February 20, 2014


Meat Loaf Talks Las Vegas Residency: "I'm a Serial Killer"

"I really become an insane human being before I go on stage," Meat Loaf tells Fuse in a new interview. And if that doesn't sell you on his "Rocktellz & Cocktails" residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, you might need to check your pulse.

The series of shows, which runs through April, started up again last week. Meat Loaf says he wanted to sum up his career with the show, but he also wanted to do something new. "It's part-Vegas, part-comedy, part-slapstick [and] part-vaudeville," he explains.

During the show, he starts off as himself before transforming into a character, which he sums up frankly: "I'm a serial killer." He doesn't reveal much more, but we do see that the show involves an extended wedding scene.

The residency is meant to cap Meat Loaf's legacy in a sense, but it's also teaching him how to stick around. "If you want to achieve longevity, your audience is the most important thing," he notes. "You're not. Getting a Ferrari and drag racing is not the most important thing. Your audience is, showing up on time [and] doing the best you can."

Watch the video above for the rock legend's full interview.