February 9, 2014


Miley Cyrus Has Proposition for Fan Asking Her to Prom

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV

Super fans asking super stars to prom is a growing trend, but Matt Peterson from Arizona's now viral vid asking Miley Cyrus for her hand in awkward slow dancing is decidedly something special. And Miley seems to agree.

In the adorbs but sidesplitting homemade masterpiece, which has now gone viral, Matt shows footage of his younger self losing his everloving mind upon meeting the "Wrecking Ball" singer during a radio appearance.

Luckily, Matt transitioned from his hysterical shrieking and crying phase to his suave (and chiseled) teenager with the balls to bare all, save for a strategically placed foam finger and a dozen roses, on camera phase.

If you watch the vid, Miley seems to genuinely care for the kid, so she took a cue from the likes of Bruno Mars and figured out how to answer sweetly without also having to endure the hellscape that is a high school prom. She tweeted:

Matt seemed kinda OK with the response: