September 18, 2014


Nicki Minaj's Wig Maker Lawsuit Gets Thrown Out Over "Vague" Details

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage
Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

UPDATE (9/18): A judge in Atlanta has thrown out the case regarding Nicki Minaj's former wig maker, Terrence Davidson, who was suing her for biting his designs. Minaj's legal team had filed to have the case dismissed back in May, and today that came to fruition when the judge ruled that the "verbal promises" exchanged between Davidson and Minaj were not substantial enough to prove that she violated any sort of contract.

Original Story: My oh my, this is a hairy situation: Nicki Minaj's former wig designer is suing her for $30 million. Terrence Davidson has claimed millions in losses accusing the "Super Bass" MC for stealing his designs, breaking implied contracts and backtracking on promises to launch a joint reality show and wig line.

"She lied, cheated, she stole from him," Davidson's lawyer said. "That's a misappropriation of his intellectual property."

In the lawsuit, Davidson detailed his work history with Minaj that began in early 2010. The wig guru claims he turned down the opportunity for his own reality TV show at the urging of a Minaj representative. Davidson added that he was discussing doing a joint show with the rapper along with launching a line of wigs with her, but months passed without progress where the star and her team soon shut him out. He adds that the rapper also took his designs and sold them without permission.

Davidson stopped working as her stylist in early 2013, the same time Nicki's wig game got noticeably more tame—which she described as a "more relatable" look.

The rapper/singer has not responded to the lawsuit yet.

Let's go back to a happier time in July 2012 when Fuse chatted with Davidson for a load of wig guru secrets and what it was like designing for Nicki. Watch that right here.