February 5, 2014


Exclusive: Stream Elder Brother's Indie-Punk Anthem, "In My Bones"

When Pure Noise Records labelmates Kevin Geyer (guitarist in The Story So Far) and Dan Rose (vocalist in Daybreaker) decided to start writing songs together, their efforts morphed into a side project now known as Elder Brother. 

The duo will release Heavy Head, a rollicking indie-punk LP tinted with Americana influences, on March 11. But we've got an exclusive stream of the latest single, "In My Bones," right now. Listen to it below: 

"In My Bones" definitely leans toward the Daybreaker side of the songwriting spectrum, as The Story So Far's aggressive pop-punk is toned down for most of the song. Rose's vocals have a calming effect, accompanied by low-key guitars in the first verse. 

The track swerves into crashing instrumentals – provided by Rose and Geyer with the help of brothers Matt and Charles Vincent from The American Scene – as Rose yelps, "I never wanted it all / I just wanted to pretend that I was awake / And you were listening."

Later, the guitars and drums again build up to a roaring bridge that shows off Elder Brother's rougher edges. Rose repeats, "Were you listening to me?" as the song closes in a whirlwind. It demonstrates a tight-knit chemistry from the band, especially considering that "In My Bones" is the first track they ever wrote together.

For Geyer and Rose, Elder Brother is more than just a creative side outlet. While Rose tells Fuse that the project provides a break from the "normal pressures of being in a band," it's about kinship, too. The Story So Far and Daybreaker are among the original crop of groups that rose to prominence with the help of the Bay Area's Pure Noise Records, and they wanted to keep everything in the family. That's why Pure Noise acts like The American Scene and the Vincent brothers are featured on Heavy Head, too. 

Heavy Head can be pre-ordered on CD and vinyl and check out Elder Brother on Twitter.