February 24, 2014


ScHoolboy Q's Daughter Stars in "Break the Bank" Video

Joy, ScHoolboy Q's daughter, is at the heart of the TDE rapper's new album Oxymoron. That's her on the cover in a white bucket hat, in a pose that her father imitates—plus ski mask—in the deluxe edition artwork. That's also her skipping down an alley holding a big gold balloon in the shape of the letter "Q" in his new video, "Break the Bank."

The track is about Q amassing as much money as possible, and though he doesn't say it explicitly, the song has the feel of a heist movie soundtrack. It also clicks Q's motivation into place: He wants to break the bank to provide for his daughter, who is portrayed as a carefree young child in juxtaposition to images of Q partying outside a grimy house.

Watch the clip above, and make sure to check out our extensive guide to Oxymoron.