February 12, 2014


Skrillex Previews New Song With Chance the Rapper in Brooklyn

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

During his recent residency in Brooklyn, EDM kingmaker Skrillex played a new track with buzzing Chicago spitter Chance the Rapper. If you're wondering where the song falls on a spectrum that would connect Skrillex's sound to Chance's, the answer is decidedly toward the latter.

There isn't the patented wigged-out drop, though the outro of the song features what sounds like a wailing vocoder solo ripped from Daft Punk's Discovery, in which case Skrillex was beaten to the punch by Katy Perry. (It also might be a normal electric guitar solo, in which case Slash should be proud.)

No other details about the song have yet to be released, but a recent photo of Skrillex, Chance, and Mike Will Made It in the studio together indicates that there's more where this came from.

Take a listen to the song below. Yes, it does sound like Chance is saying "put your Pinterests up."