February 5, 2014


The Men Glorify Growing Up on New Single “Different Days”

It’s not often that you hear a punk band sing about its distaste for youth. “I guess this is growing up,” sighed Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus on 1997’s “Dammit.” Two years later, on his band’s breakout hit “What’s My Age Again,” he would fondly remember being a misunderstood 23-year-old. On their new single “Different Days,” The Men are that rare band desperate to age. “I hate being young!” they yell with a ferocity so pure it must be true.

The track is the latest off their forthcoming album Tomorrow’s Hits (out March 4), their third in as many years. The title seems like a cheeky reference to the idea of a “hit” song, but in the context of the weary “Different Days,” it seems more like an exhausted acknowledgement of what the next day—and the one after that, and the one after that—will bring.

Though The Men have mellowed out some since their early days as a band with a hardcore edge, they're driving ahead relentlessly on “Different Days,” pushing themselves with thrashing guitars and a whirring organ toward what they crave. Listen to it above.