February 18, 2014


The Menzingers Announce New LP 'Rented World,' Drop Lead Single

Make room at the top of your most anticipated albums list. The Menzingers have announced they'll release their fourth full-length album, Rented World, on April 22. Rented World is the follow-up to the band's brilliant breakout LP, On the Impossible Past, which we called one of our favorite albums of 2012.

Stream the first single from the album, "In Remission," above. The track has a driving, deliberate guitar riff that borders on grungy and is certainly more forceful than what we've heard from this band in the past. On the Impossible Past was filled with catchy musicianship that drew you in, but this song wants to pummel you into oblivion. Lines like, "You've yet to see the worst" reinforce that notion. 

In the bridge/outro, the band slowly build upon themselves with the refrain, "If anyone needs a crutch, then I need a wheelchair / I need a reason to reason with you." By the end, the double-time beat trails the song out as co-vocalists Greg Barnett and Tom May shred their vocal cords.

There's a certain pressure that accompanies following a widely-acclaimed, career-changing album like On the Impossible Past. It was a record about dead-end American lives and characters that could be put on repeat forever, because the story never really had an ending point. It went on as long as you wanted it to, and many fans are still playing that story.  

Whether Rented World comes with the same stark, romantic imagery of muscle cars, diner waitresses, cigarettes and drunken shenanigans remains to be seen–but we're hoping it has the same lasting value of On the Impossible Past

Rented World can be pre-ordered via Epitaph Records.