February 14, 2014


Tupac in Unreleased Interview: "I Love Women, But I Hate B-tches"

Al Pereira/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Al Pereira/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Hot 97's Angie Martinez just revealed a snippet of a previously unreleased Tupac interview from 1995. In the clip, the two talk about the difference between "women" and "bitches," a topic that is not exactly enlightening in a general sense, but is an interesting look into Tupac's mindstate at the time.

"I love women," Pac said in the interview. "Jail has made me appreciate women. But I hate bitches even more because I love women now. They make it bad for real women. They make it so when I meet a real woman she’s scared of me cuz of this bitch that said I raped her. But I love women, but I hate bitches." He goes on to explain how this worldview influences his music: "I try to deal with both of them in every album. I try to make a good song where I deal with the women and a song where I attack the bitches."

Later in the interview, he talks about still being friends with his ex-wife. He also sums up his appeal about as well as anyone ever has: "I attack suckers, whoever they are. Whether the suckers got pussies or dicks, I attack them."

You can listen the interview—perfect, or not, for Valentine's day—below. Martinez says she will be releasing more audio soon.