February 11, 2014


The Ultimate '90s Slow Jams Playlist

Chances are, if you were around in the '90s you not only remember these songs, you love them. Whether it was a junior high dance, on the radio during a hot hookup, or just played at every damn wedding you went to, these 100-plus songs were the soundtrack to love and love making in the '90s (some of 'em still today).

In no particular order (though, we had to kick it off with Mariah Carey's classic "Always Be My Baby"), check out our picks for the most timeless, awesome, and sometimes awesomely cheesy, R&B love songs from one of music's best decades.

From heart-melting ballads like Whitney Houston's "My Love is Your Love" to straight-up knockin' boots bangers like R. Kelly's "Bump n' Grind," this Valentine's Day, just press play on this Spotify playlist and we guarantee you will not go to bed lonely...