February 27, 2014


Exclusive: W.C. Lindsay's Melancholic Electro-Rap Single "Little Ghost"

Where electro bands like 3OH!3, Metro Station and Hellogoodbye expanded the boundaries of pop-punk, Philadelphia's W.C. Lindsay push out even further by grounding their tracks in the structure of rap. A great example of their style is "Little Ghosts," which Fuse is exclusively premiering today. It's a sentimental new track from their forthcoming album Easy Victim, Charitable Deceptions. Listen to it below and check out the album's cover art above.

With sweet, loping backing vocals and an open-armed hook, "Little Ghosts" sounds like a song that could find a real audience in post-Macklemore America. It also hints at an album that could be many things to many people: pop to some, rap to others, emo to a different group.

"'Little Ghost' is the most personal song I've ever written," frontman Will Linsday tells Fuse. "It's a song about justifications and excuses, and about pushing someone away not because you want to, but because you know that you have to. It's the first truly introspective song on the second half of the record, and it's built on a narrative that I believe we can all relate to."

Check out the song below, and look for Easy Victim, Charitable Deceptions, which is scheduled to drop sometime this April, on Big Footprint Records.