February 18, 2014


Wiz Khalifa & Waka Flocka Remake 'Weird Science' in "Miley" Video

Wiz KhalifaWaka Flocka Flame and DJ Holiday get an "A" for effort with "Miley," a song they floated out last summer that only recently received a video treatment. Both the track and video jump off of easily recognizable reference points without ever investing too much into the concept. It's all appropriately goofy.

Take the song itself. It's called "Miley," but neither Waka nor Wiz ever say her name during the song. Instead, she's a vague stand-in for a girl who is either a stripper or at least dancing like a stripper. It doesn't really make much sense except that the two chant "twerk!" during the chorus, and we all know that Miley Cyrus is the one responsible for getting that term in the dictionary.

The video is similarly endearing, playing off of Weird Science, the 1985 John Hughes film in which two teenage boys create the "perfect" woman using a computer. In the "Miley" clip, we see Waka, Wiz and Holiday dressed hilariously as nerd caricatures, poring over a computer screen showing the figure of a woman. But instead of one woman conjuring out of thin air, a door opens and... a bunch of women stream in. Then there is a party.

Again, none of it really makes sense, but it also doesn't really have to. See if you can untangle it above.