March 18, 2014


Mysterious Toronto Singer Allie X Serves Synth-Pop Delight With "Prime"

Canadian singer Allie X caught pop fans' ears—oh, and the attention of some chick named Katy Perry—with her moody, synth-laden introduction "Catch." While Perry declared it a "SPRING JAM" on Twitter, we think we'll be blasting the Toronto-based singer-songwriter's peppy follow-up "Prime" (above) all spring and summer long.

Like her debut, "Prime" is still bursting with '80s synths, stompy percussion and a host of different vocal approaches. Sounding like a clever valley girl, she coos out rhymes ("Optical illusion / Sexual confusion") on the verses before shouting "We are in the prime of our existence!" on the empowering pre-chorus. It's sounds a bit like the slick electro-pop of Marina & The Diamonds' Electra Heart LP, delivered with Charli XCX's tongue-in-cheek brashness.

Other than her two singles, not much else is known about Allie X—real name Allie Hughes—by her choice. Not even revealing her age, the self-described "twentysomething" told Billboard, "I don't see a reason for there to be a ton of personal information out there about me—at first, at least. I think the content should speak for itself."