March 19, 2014


B.o.B Samples Jimmy Cliff Classic on Fiery, Uplifting "Get It"

Deftly combining ear-pleasing hooks and relevant rhymes once again, B.o.B is back with "Get It," a track featuring a sped-up sample of Jimmy Cliff's "Many Rivers to Cross."

Much like the Cliff-starring film The Harder They Come, which this sample hails from, "Get It" doesn't gloss over the socio-economic realities that conspire keep minorities disadvantaged. But B.o.B maintains you can still keep your soul and integrity intact despite overwhelming odds and pressures to cave in to society. As a politically-minded rapper with mainstream hits to his name, that's a dichotomy close to the Atlanta spitter's heart.

The best line is at the beginning: "They try to make a n**** feel like King Kong in a concrete jungle / Because they don't teach n****s how to deal with anger / They just teach n****s nothing's real but danger / Politics will not swing in our favor because all of us are rappers or entertainers."

Listen to "Get It" above and check out our Backatcha interview with B.o.B where he talks us through some pictures of him from middle school.