March 20, 2014


"Right Thurr" Rapper Chingy Says Tupac's Spirit "Speaks Thru Me"

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

For a guy with four Billboard Top 10 hits to his name, it's safe to say you probably haven't thought about Chingy for a while. But even if the St. Louis rapper has stayed under the radar for the last few years, that doesn't mean he hasn't been busy.

In addition to netting degrees in numerology and astrology, the "Right Thurr" rapper is also the vessel for Tupac's spirit to speak to us from beyond the grave. At least, if you're to believe Chingy's extremely detailed Instragram.

"Now #2pacStillLivesThruMe an he speaks thru me as well," Chingy wrote next to a notebook purportedly owned by the late rap legend. "He told me to be a better version of him and to get the message across in a more positive way."

Yeah, a rapper with a handful of pretty alright chart hits comparing himself to arguably the greatest MC ever is a little strange, but if you poke around his Instagram account, there's more to learn—Obama and George W. Bush "are related as cousins," the ovaries and the ram's head are shaped the same, and Queen Elizabeth is somehow related to the disappearance of hundreds of children. Wait... what?

So IF Chingy is the conduit for Tupac today, it appears that by 2014, Tupac would have been totally bonkers.