March 25, 2014


Dutch Beer Ad Reveals Kurt Cobain, Tupac & Elvis Are Alive and Drunk

In the growing tradition of celebrities returning from the grave to sell products, a brand-new, totally idiotic Dutch beer ad is tapping the likenesses of Kurt CobainJohn LennonTupac ShakurElvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe to shill its cheap brew.

According to a Netherlands brewery, the above-mentioned artists faked their own deaths in order to grow old—and drunk—together on a remote desert island.

Regardless of whether you're on board with this fantasy or consider it a creepy cash-in on tragic deaths, you gotta shake your head at this ad's execution.

Not only does the John Lennon look nothing like John Lennon, but he inexplicably shouts "Hey Jude!" at a busty waitress. Does Bavaria Radler think John Lennon wrote "Hey Jude"? Are they assuming the Beatle would be senile by 2014 and start thinking he wrote Paul McCartney's signature song?

As for Kurt, the Nirvana frontman catches an up-skirt view of the aged Marilyn Monroe and nearly barfs. Because we all know what a superficial misogynist that guy was, right? 

Marvel at the tasteless ad for a possibly tasteless beer above.