March 6, 2014


Fall Out Boy and Courtney Love Get Violent in “Rat A Tat” Video

Fall Out Boy are out to save rock ‘n’ roll, so it comes as no surprise that the group enlisted grunge’s leading lady to help them. In the video for “Rat A Tat"—part 9 in the massive video series for FOB’s fifth album—Courtney Love stars as some sort of evil, anti-music dictator with an army of models at her feet.

The clip begins with a dystopian manifesto and shots of the band navigating chaos and destruction. Music equipment is tossed around like broken toys. When the song starts, anti-heroine Love stands atop a sweat shop, her model minions in matching armbands.

Frontman Patrick Stump is held captive here, and spends almost the entirety of the video getting brainwashed with images of American flags and flames. The rest of the band, equipped with weapons made of instruments like a drum-crossbow hybrid and Pete Wentz’s bass neck machete, attempt to save him.

Courtney tests Stump’s indoctrination by forcing him to destroy instruments. The boys come in to save the day. Stump appears to make it out alive, but SPOILER ALERT, drummer Andy Hurley isn’t so lucky.

Watch the video above, but only if you’re not squeamish.