March 24, 2014


6 Scandinavian Pop Artists Sure to Brighten Your Day

It's been a pretty rough winter here in New York; Snow and snow and cold and cold forever and ever. So for those of you in New York and those of you anywhere else who need a little bit of a boost this Monday, I've discovered the cure: SCANDINAVIAN POP MUSIC.

Let’s be honest, since ABBA the Scandinavians have had a real knack for cultivating flawless and upbeat pop jams, here are six artists who I promise will make your day (unless you like your music with a side of melancholy, in which case this blog post is probably not for you).

1. Tove Lo

I talked about Stockholm’s new princess of pop, Tove Lo, in my previous post as an artist to watch out for at SXSW. Having seen her show, I'm glad I did. Tove Lo's electro-pop tunes pack a real punch and she’s not afraid of being honest.

2. MØ

This Danish Diplo-collaborator is everywhere at the moment and rightly so, here is her brand new track, "Walk This Way," which is not an Aerosmith cover.

Something that is a cover though, and an amazing one at that, is MØ's recent version of the Spice Girls classic, "Say You'll Be There”":

3. Maya Vik

I was at a show the other night waiting for German synth outfit Ballet School to do their thing, when a tall, ringleted super star walked into the venue and turned every head in the room. My friend informed me that this captivating human being was Maya Vik, previous Norwegian GRAMMY winner/bass player extraordinaire/Lenny Kravitz opener. She sounds like this:

4. Lykke Li

Swedish Lykke Li has been churning out pop jams for a few years now, but she has a new album coming out later this spring, and just released a little teaser of what we can expect with the audio video for "No Rest for the Wicked."


The Swedish three-piece are currently finishing their debut album, which will hopefully showcase more of their trademark folk-tinged electronic indie-pop.

6. The Knife

Possibly my favorite band ever of all time so there's no way I can leave The Knife out of this homage to Scandinavian artists. Let's end this blog with this little nugget of Swedish electronica at its absolute finest: