March 3, 2014


Georgie Okell's 10 New Bands Playing SXSW You Should Know

Getty Images, 3
Getty Images, 3

SXSW is fast approaching, and if you, like me, are looking at the endless sea of names of bands playing and wondering: A. who you should check out while you're there or B. who you should Google so you know about them when they inevitably blow up after the festival, don’t worry, I did the hard work for us all.

Having ploughed through the mountains of names and showcases, here are my top 10 future pop heroes playing at SXSW 2014...

#1Until The Ribbon Breaks

British electronic band who first got their break supporting Lorde on tour. Have yet to play a show in the UK after a whirlwind year in the US. When they finally do, the crowd will probably lose their minds.

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