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Georgie Okell's 10 New Bands Playing SXSW You Should Know

The 'Fuse News' host did the research so you don't have to. Find out Georgie's picks for the new acts playing SXSW 2014 you can expect to blow up big

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SXSW is fast approaching, and if you, like me, are looking at the endless sea of names of bands playing and wondering: A. who you should check out while you're there or B. who you should Google so you know about them when they inevitably blow up after the festival, don’t worry, I did the hard work for us all.

Having ploughed through the mountains of names and showcases, here are my top 10 future pop heroes playing at SXSW 2014...

1 / 10

Until The Ribbon Breaks

British electronic band who first got their break supporting Lorde on tour. Have yet to play a show in the UK after a whirlwind year in the US. When they finally do, the crowd will probably lose their minds.

2 / 10

Tove Lo

Refreshingly honest Swedish pop star who will have everyone talking at this year's SXSW.

3 / 10

Ballet School

Berlin-based electro-pop outfit. Sounds a bit like Madonna. All of this is good news.

4 / 10

Chloe Howl

I’ve mentioned this princess of British electro-pop before. A brilliant live performer if you are lucky enough to be down in Austin this year, with a steadily building catalog of catchy danceable and brutally honest pop.

5 / 10

Bipolar Sunshine

Heartfelt and simple electronic-tinged pop with a distinctive vocal will garner this British singer/ songwriter plenty of attention in Texas next week.

6 / 10

Magic Man

This Boston group describe themselves as “a triumphant synth rock band,” and that seems to fit perfectly. Here is the appropriately titled “Texas,” which is sure to be a crowd pleaser:

7 / 10


There’s been lot of buzz around this New York-based electronic outfit for awhile now and they aren’t going anywhere. Fun pop music from best friends. Their Facebook “About” section is too long, if anyone’s interested.

8 / 10


I know I know, this band are never not in my blog. But they are my favorite Brooklyn-based pop band and they are playing several shows at SXSW this year, so what am I meant to do? Here’s a reminder of why they are so brilliant:

9 / 10


This Brooklyn-based female-fronted trio make proper indie rock. This tune gives us an idea of what’s in store from the band this year, and is a reminder, for those of us in New York or anywhere else where it is STILL SNOWING IN MARCH,  that the summer will ultimately be back in our lives.

10 / 10


This brilliant duo recently signed to Glassnote records, and their debut EP Mind Speak is confirmation that we need their music in our lives to make our lives better. Go see em at SXSW and check them out ASAP.


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